How Works drove a 79% increase in Deaconess' incentivized shift pick up
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Tap into the power of the on-demand workforce

Always have the right clinician, at the right time.

Maximize your workforce with powerful tools that match the best-fit clinicians to the shifts they want to work

Increase shift pickups and lower staffing costs with the industry's most innovative approach to workforce optimization. Discover, engage, and optimize your internal workforce to improve the effectiveness of your float and incentive programs, while reducing overtime costs.

How Works is different

Maximize nurse engagement and shift pickup rates

Make it easy for internal clinicians to sign up for shifts that meet their preferences and pay requirements through a mobile, user-friendly application. Reduce the hassle of signing up for shifts through a transparent and automated process.

Optimize costs and fill rates across your entire workforce

Leverage price discovery and competition to rapidly match resources to where they are most needed, automatically applying incentives to the shifts that most need coverage, and recommending the best-fit nurse for any open shift.
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Reduce nurse burnout through more flexible scheduling

Creatively solve staffing challenges by creating and structuring more flexible shift options, letting nurses pick better shifts for their unique needs based on pay, benefits, schedule, floatability, and geography.

Get unparalleled visibility into marketplace dynamics

Data science and AI helps you more effectively forecast staffing needs -- including potential demands shifts -- and match the right nurse to the right shift leveraging sophisticated cost-based models
What are your priorities? For me, it was work/life balance.
Work/life balance and also location! I don't want to move too far.
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?

Personalized job matches

We take recruiters out of the equation and always put you and your interests at the heart of the search.
Denver, CO
Night shift

Work-life goals

You’re more than just your job, so our tools support you in all aspects of your career, like CEU tracking, sleep science events, and mental health resources.
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Honest conversations

In our forums and blogs, we feature real nurse insights and real experiences, straight from the front lines.
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?

Compensation transparency

We show you pay breakdowns and stats upfront so you’re ready with all the info you need to make your next move.

Dedicated support

We’re always here to help you build the career you want, whether you’re on the job search or not.
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We’re working with the world’s most disruptive healthcare facilities.

With help from the best nurses, nationwide.

'The difference between being a Trusted nurse and working for another travel company is Transparency. I'm totally in control of my employment because I upload all my information, certifications and preferences to Trusted's portal and then I receive jobs that match my desired location, my department, and the pay rate along with information about the community the hospital serves. So helpful! And great benefits are active on Day 1!'
Sandra M.
“I finally don’t hate my job and I’m getting paid my worth.”
Sandra M.

Built for the mobile workforce

Say "goodbye" to manual, ad hoc and nonselective outreach to nurses when there are unexpected gaps. Works is a mobile-first solution that makes proactive engagement with your entire workforce easy.

Let nurses work their way

Works knows that nurses are not coin-operated, and that the incentives that drive them are unique based on their life situation, age, and more. Our easy-to-use solutions bring transparency and flexibility to scheduling, making staffing a win-win.

Works with the tools you already use

Works is a platform agnostic solution that can support direct integrations, SFTP File transfer, and APIs to bring in workforce data from your existing systems including EHR, ATS, HRIS, and scheduling tools.

We’re working with the most innovative healthcare systems.

Put Works to work.

  • 10% reduction in labor expense
  • 45% decrease in time to hire
  • 18% increase in fill rate
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